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Food served at a pizza restaurant in Norwich, CT
Illianos Grill

Pizza Shop in Norwich, CT

Welcome to Illianos Grill located in Yantic, Connecticut. We have been serving up authentic Southern Italian cuisine since we first opened our doors in 1997.

Illianos Grill

••• Prime Selections •••

We pride ourselves in using the best ingredients, whether it is high-quality mozzarella to top our thin crust brick oven pizzas or fresh seafood to make our customer favorites like flounder Florentine. We know the importance of fresh foods and promise to never compromise.

••• Family Atmosphere •••

If you are looking for a comfortable relaxed setting to have dinner out, look no further than our dining room. The hand-painted pictures by Paul Illiano hanging on the walls and Italian music in the background will be sure to have you feeling like part of our family before the appetizers arrive.

Illianos Grill
Illianos Grill

••• Made to Order •••

All of our dishes are made to order and our menu is sure to please everyone in the family, from pizza to pasta, fresh salads, and soups to gourmet Italian classics.

••• Unparalleled Service •••

If you're looking for a suggestion on a glass of wine to go with your meal or help to decide on a delicious dessert, options to fit your dietary needs don't be afraid to ask any of the friendly staff. They are always eager to please.